PEP-Therapy is joining forces with Institut Curie and Institut Gustave Roussy for the Clever-Peptide project that targets the development of its innovative anti-cancer peptide for use in the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer along with a companion biomarker predictive of treatment efficacy.
Institut Curie and Institut Gustave Roussy are leading comprehensive cancer centers in Europe and they will combine their complementary skills with PEP-Therapy for the design of innovative peptides, translational research, pharmaceutical development and oncology clinical trials.
The consortium will receive a total of 2,9 M€ funding from Bpifrance and the Ile-de-France Region.

The peptide that will be tested - named PEP-010 - is based on a patented technology of bi-functional penetrating and interfering peptides. These peptides act as smart shuttles, by penetrating into the heart of the cell to deliver an agent, which specifically blocks targets implicated in pathological mechanisms. They act in a targeted fashion, without altering physiological mechanisms, thereby limiting the risk of toxicity. PEP-010 causes cancer cells to die without harming healthy cells. The peptide has demonstrated its anti-tumor efficacy in pre-clinical models, predictive for clinical trials as well as its safety in animals. Furthermore, predictive companion biomarkers associated with efficacy of treatment have been identified and patented for use in identifying patient populations that would respond favorably to treatment.

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