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The Booster is the logical second step in Genopole’s offer to entrepreneurs. This one-year program – also renewable for another period of one year - targets entrepreneurs whose companies (less than 3 years old) are considered to have high potential for development and growth, either nationally or internationally, or both.

Following a thorough diagnosis to establish a support plan that is specifically tailored for each company, the Booster services include assistance in building a strong business plan, in accelerating business development (including also co-financing consultancy mandates), as well as direct support in fund raising.

Access to office and lab spaces
The Booster program also provides access to office and lab spaces, state-of-the-art technology platforms and experienced mentors. We hope to enroll seven champion companies per year in the program.

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Jérôme Braudeau- AgenT- Booster

“Taking part in Booster gives us the opportunity to integrate into a specialized biotech ecosystem. We get a lot from interacting and exchanging ideas with people who face the same challenges on a daily basis. Booster will enable us to optimize and accelerate our current fundraising,” said Jérôme Braudeau (photo) and Baptiste Billoir, founders of AgenT, working to detect the onset of Alzheimer’s earlier than is possible with current diagnostic methods. “We receive knowledgeable and inspiring advice, which is crucial in a company’s first few years to save time and avoid making strategic errors.”

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