Representatives of Hong Kong’s Economic and Trade Office in Brussels visited Genopole on May 29, 2018, to discuss important R&D policy developments by Hong-Kong, as well as to prepare upcoming visits to France by Hong Kong’s leading innovation stakeholders.

Hong Kong’s Science Park Corporation is well endowed and is now keen on supporting biotech-biopharma and medtech developments.
It is currently developing links with Institut Pasteur in Paris and is also reaching out to French candidate institutions and clusters to foster international partnerships.
Hong Kong’s government has also announced a major regional initiative for the construction of new science and industrial parks along the river that connects Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
The concept for these parks is to bring entrepreneurs and basic scientists together, as in Genopole’s biocluster, to work together in promoting innovation and commercial developments. Genopole hopes to be involved in benchmarking initiatives with Hong Kong’s biotech-biopharma players.