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Services provided by the Shaker are designed particularly for doctoral and postdoctoral students who come up with original ideas and innovative projects during their studies, and relating to applications in healthcare, environment, agritech, foodtech or synthetic biology.

Access to a research laboratory

The Biotech Lab - Biocluster Genopole near Paris

Specifically, the Shaker’s services are designed to support proof-of-concept experimentation by future company creators, by providing free access to a research laboratory as well as facilitating ad hoc connections with top-notch scientific and technical personnel drawn from the 2,500-strong ecosystem of innovation managers, research scientists and entrepreneurs as well as established companies on the site.

Training in entrepreneurship

Shaker services also come with initial training in entrepreneurship as its clientele is generally unfamiliar with the intricacies of the business world. This training is structured as a series of introduction courses on financing means for biotechnology, biotech-specific legal and regulatory obligations, and business communications. The Shaker can also provide access to premarketing studies and other relevant information required to give innovators and entrepreneurs a better idea of the road to come.

By the time they leave the Shaker, under the guidance of Genopole-Entreprises, we expect budding entrepreneurs to have been able to test their technology, to have refined their business proposal with first financial hypotheses, as well as to have built a clear presentation of the company’s project. The Shaker’s program is for a period of six months that can be extended for another 6 months.

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