Zichron Ya’akov (located half way between Tel Aviv and Haifa) was the host on July 15-17, 2018 of Meet in Galilée’s symposium on “Genomic Medicine: A New Paradigm and Its Impact of Society”.
Meet In Galilée is modeled on Aix-en-Provence’s symposium formula blending medico-economic presentations with lyrical art.
Genopole was a co-organiser of the scientific part of the event that brought together a number of key players of the French genomics scene, including J.-F. Lemoine of France’s Ministry of Solidarity and Health, J.-F. Deleuze of CEA’s National Research Center on Human Genomics, S. Lyonnet of Imagine Institute, A. Munnich of Necker Hospital, D. Stoppa-Lyonnet and C. Le Toureau of Curie Institute, as well as Nicolas Levy of University Aix-Marseille. Israeli speakers came from the Ministry of Health (A. Israeli), Rambam Hospital (H. Baris), Carmel Medical Institute (G. Rennert), Tel Hashomer Hospital (A. Raas-Rotschild), Tel Aviv University (N. Shomron-Sackler, Y. Glazer, V. Shalev), Bar Ilan University (R. Unger), and Shaare Tzedek University (E. Levy Lahad).

Sessions covered topics all related to the impact of personalised medicine on society, from the role of physicians and their interaction with patients, to handling of big data and ethical considerations resulting from genomics, through drug prescription and diagnostics, and new health economic models in healthcare systems. Genopole’s CEO, Jean-Marc Grognet, provided the conclusion remarks to the symposium’s presentations.

As part of the mission to Israel, Genopole’s delegation had also organised visits of Technion in Haifa, and meetings with Tel Aviv-based investors Orbimed and Pontifax, as well as of the biotech accelerator FutuRx.

Meet In Galilée - 2018 July