On the occasion of the 2016 Korea-Forum 3rd Joint Forum on Innovative Industry held in Seoul on October 26, Genopole reciprocated on KBIO and DGMIF’s visits to Évry made in the spring and summer of 2016 and visited the facilities of DGMIF in Daegun and of KBIO in Osong.

All three parties to the SEA also took advantage of the presence of Genopole in Korea to hold a meeting of their Steering Committee to define priorities in moving forward with the development of collaborative and technology transfer projects.
During their mission to Korea, Drs. Quétier and Gauvreau also visited the Institut Pasteur in Korea and the CHA BioComplex of CHA University, as well as met with representatives of Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, EHWA (Womans University), and the Korea Biotechnology Industry Organisation, to explore other opportunities for international cooperation between France and Korea.