Genopole has attracted 107 scientists to the biocluster since its creation with the two following support programs :

-  The « Post-Doctoral Allocations » have now benefited 80 French scientists who were working abroad and have since returned to Genopole, to pursue their career in companies and in research laboratories.
-  The « Atiges » have provided 27 scientists with the financial support necessary to create a new research team within an existing research laboratory at Genopole.

As reported by Emmanuel Dequier and Jean-Marc Grognet, respectively Director of Research and Platforms, and CEO at Genopole, who were speaking at the conference “Dynamizing Research” held on May 22, 2018 at the Ile-de-France Regional Council and where the different regional, national and European support programs were presented, Post-Doctoral Allocations and Atiges have contributed directly to significant developments in genomics, gene and cell therapy and synthetic biology across the biocluster in the last two decades.

Two strategic areas will also be supported in the future, namely the development of bioproduction facilities to preserve France’s autonomy in accessing new biotherapeutics, as well as the development of technical and human resources to manage the high volume of data produced by genomics (with a special emphasis on analyses in clinical trials). 2018’s competition for Post-Doctoral Allocations and Atiges is opened until July 9, 2018.

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