Following the signature at BIO-2017 in San Diego of a Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Genopole and Neomed, the parties have now engaged in exchanges to foster connections between the two bioclusters and their respective stakeholders.

Genopole at NeoMed
Jean-Marc Grognet and Denis Gauvreau were in Montreal on October 16 and 17 to revisit Neomed’s premises and to give a talk on “France’s Biotechnology Scene : Genopole As An Established Biocluster, As Well As Landing Pad To Europe”, as well as meet the management in Neomed Institute.
Despite operating in two different countries, Neomed and Genopole have common goals and challenges, and thus are keen on developing collaborative projects targeting diverse areas such as joint R&D project financing, company creation and funding, transatlantic soft landing of companies, as well as strategic and logistic issues relating to the future development and sustainability of innovation ecosystems.

Neomed was on a return-visit to Genopole on November 3 to meet the Directors of its different departments, and to plan a series of common events for 2018.
Neomed Institute drives drug discovery activities up to the stage of human proof-of-concept in two fully integrated research and development campuses, one in Montreal specializing in small molecule therapeutics, and the other in Laval specializing in the development of biologics and vaccines. Both facilities function as open‐access drug discovery hubs housing independent commercial businesses (29 independent companies employing almost 300 people) and providing a dynamic environment that stimulates collaboration, innovation, and creativity.