May, 2016
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Genopole is pleased to announce the arrival of Marianne Duranton as its new President.
Mrs Duranton was voted to the new position at the occasion of the Annual General Assembly of the GIP in early April.

Mrs Duranton is Regional Councilor of Ile-de-France.
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An Active Time for Texcell

On 2 May, Texcell acquired the German company vivo Science GmbH, a certified BPL/BPF lab specialized in immunogenetic and immunotoxicology studies.
Through the acquisition of vivo Science, Texcell is increasing its service portfolio in the areas of preclinical and clinical research. This new step also marks the expansion of Texcell on the international scene.
vivo Science “With this acquisition, Texcell is expanding and pursuing its international strategy in accordance with its motto: Texcell everywhere and near the customers” points out Bernard Plichon, President and CEO of the Texcell group.
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The French company Texcell, and the Taiwanese group ATRI (Agricultural Technology Research Institute) announced a strategic partnership on 27th April aimed at offering viral safety service solutions to biotech and pharmaceutical companies operating in the Far East.
As a service provider, Texcell proposes a catalogue of tests for product viral safety and services to evaluate the capacity of industrial processes to remove and/or inactivate viruses and prions. ATRI carries out studies in viral clearance and tests on viral safety in Taiwan.

Texcell and ATRI together turned over € 9m in 2015 in the areas of cell banking tests, lot release tests, viral safety, immunoprofiling and cell-based bioassay.
Cooperation between the two companies and their 75 dedicated collaborators guarantees growth in the Far East. ATRI
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Repaired Man

On 10th and 11th May, the 2016 edition of the symposium Evry Sciences et Innovation at the University of Evry was centered around “the repaired man” and the contribution of biology, digitalization and materials.
Colloque ESI
The two days highlighted the interdisciplinarity at work in the district of Evry as well as the dynamics building up around the medicine of tomorrow.
A great variety of players took part in the event, such as labs and companies from Genopole, teaching experts, researchers and students from the University of Evry, researchers from the ICT engineering schools Telecom SudParis, Mines ParisTech and ENSIIE, and doctors from the sud francilien hospital.
Presentations centered around the therapeutic potential of stem cells, the contribution of functional imagery, the modelling of organs to guide surgical interventions, statistical approaches for genome analysis, the 3D print of bone grafts... The alliance of disciplines and initiatives such as these opens up promising perspectives for our health.

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Join Genopole at BIO US

Like every year, Genopole will be present at BIO US, held in San Francisco this year from 6th to 9th June. Should you want to know more about the business opportunities at Genopole, you can already schedule a meeting with us through the bio-partnering system!

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Genoforum 2016

Genoforum – Come and meet the Genopolians!

Welcome to the Genoforum - an afternoon open to all to showcase the talents of the Genopolians. On the program will be short lively pitches on the stage of the Genocentre amphitheater with cocktail breaks in the hall where the public can meet Genopole partners and companies on their stands.

An afternoon to discover, meet, and simply enjoy yourself. Genopole will start by introducing three new additions to the cluster: ABCell Bio, Acubens and Glowee. Then, it will be up to Xentech, Algama, Santen and Novacyt to tell their amazing success stories in just three minutes each.
Researchers who find... can be found at Genopole! The spotlight will be on the amazing record of scientific and medical advances of Genethon, SABNP, IntegraGen, I-Stem and the Genomics Institute, gathered at a round-table hosted by the scientific journalist Fabrice Papillon.
Genofum will also give the floor to students! Two postdoctoral researchers will have 180 seconds to talk about their experience abroad within the framework of a training course subsidized by the Fondagen grant, a joint Genopole-Amgen foundation. We will also be welcoming a prestigious guest who will talk at the end of the afternoon... So watch this space!
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Journée Plates-formes

Journée des plates-formes 2016

Our annual Journée des plates-formes will take place on 23 June at the Genocentre. This year's meeting will start with a debate about the security and integrity of data produced on platforms.
Later on in the day, the discussion will turn to the purpose of platform/client contracts and the European grants devoted to scientific equipment. Throughout the day, the five new platforms of Genopole will be presented.

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