June & July, 2017
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BIO-2017 Buzz

Quite honestly, it was difficult to resist the pulse of the biotech-biopharma markets at BIO-2017.
One walked away with the feeling that this industry is vibrant and resolutely on the move. Witnessing the emergence of precision medicine, regenerative medicine and synthetic biology generates a clear sense of purpose for the likes of Genopole.
Whilst attendance at BIO-2017 appeared to be on par with previous years, the biotech-biopharma stakeholders from different US States, France, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Spain, as well as from China and Korea had the most significant footprint on the exhibitors’ floor.

This year at BIO-2017, Genopole was putting special emphasis on North American connections and has announced a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Montreal-based Neomed.
Present at the announcement was Quebec’s Health and Social Services Minister, Dr. Gaétan Barrette.
At BIO-2017, Genopole also pursued active discussions with Genome-Quebec and Genome-Canada over converging interests, which we hope can materialize over the coming months in closer links.
We also took advantage of BIO-2017 to prepare upcoming missions to Boston and to MaRS Discovery District in Toronto.

Jean-Marc Grognet, CEO


Genopole Young Biotech Award 2017

Have you developed an original biotechnological concept to reduce pollution, to produce bio-sourced material or to invent new industrial bio-process less energy-consuming?
No matter what your biotechnological innovation is, as long as it is not in the medical sector, you can participate to win the Genopole Young Biotech Award

The competition laureate will receive a first prize valued at €100,000, including a financial grant of €30,000.
Application Deadline: Monday, 2 October 2017.
Genopole Young Biotech Award 2017
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Postdoc fellowships and Atige grants

Genopole's incentive policy for strengthening competencies and increasing research potential calls upon two types of tenders - postdoc fellowships and Atige grants - to bring in dedicated supplementary means.

The purpose of Genopole's postdoctoral repatriation allocation is to ease and encourage a return to France for French educated Ph.D.s who are completing a postdoc fellowship abroad.
The top candidates receive €57,500 per year for two years in order to undertake a research project within a Genopole campus company or lab. (74 fellowships awarded since fostering measure).

The Atige thematic research grants offer current or future staff researchers at French national research institutes the resources needed to establish and develop a research group within a lab on the Genopole biocluster.
Following a call for research proposals, the Atige recipients are selected by an independent review committee.
Since 2001, Genopole has awarded 27 Atiges fellowships.

Postdoctoral repatriation allocation
Atige thematic research grants
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Strategic Partnership between Pharnext and Tasly, a leading Chinese pharmaceutical group

Pharnext SA, a biopharmaceutical company pioneering a new approach to the development of innovative drugs based on the combination and repositioning of known drugs, announced in May the signature of a strategic agreement with Tasly Pharmaceutical, a group ranked amongst China’s top 10 listed pharmaceutical companies.

This partnership includes three axes:
- A financial investment by Tasly in Pharnext of €20 million;
- The creation of a research and development Joint-Venture to develop new combinations of molecules, primarily in cardiovascular and oncology therapeutic areas.
- The license of Pharnext’s lead product PXT3003 for Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 1A disease for the Chinese market.
We are looking forward to the future accomplishments that will result from this collaboration!

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Who raised fund lately?

VitaDx (created in 2015) has recently raised €1.6 million from GO CAPITAL, AURIGA Partners and two private investors in their second round. VitaDx is developing its first product VisioCyt® which allows bladder cancer diagnosis using a simple urine sample.

The diagnosis results from artificial intelligence and an algorithm that process urinary cytology slides. This fundraising will allow VitaDx to move on the next phases of finalizing the clinical trials and further perfect the algorithm to commercialize the diagnosis solution in early 2020.

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Enalees (created end of 2015) has turned towards business angels for their first round of fundraising. The company has successfully raised €635,000 to which we can add the public subventions to round it up to €1 million.



BIO 2017

The entire biotech world gathered in San Diego for a very intense week early June.
The Genopole team had about 70 business meetings over 3 days allowing them to catch up with companies and meet new ones.
They were able to exchange with major players of the pharmaceutical industry and investor funds to present some of the Genopole start-ups.
BIO was also the occasion to meet with international start-ups to discuss possible business opportunities in France.
BIO is the major networking event for the biotech industry and is the perfect place to get a glimpse of where this industry is heading.
Furthermore, the world of finance is getting smaller with new players now participating in BIO as well.
BIO 2017 - Genopole's Team
A start-up can now meet with funds coming from all around the world as Asian and Russian funds are joining those from USA, Canada and Western Europe.

The 2017 edition sets new records for partnering meetings and we are looking forward to the 2018 edition in Boston!
Wordl Congress on industrial biotechnology - Montreal
MONTREAL - BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

The Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology provides a unique forum for business executives, government officials, academic researchers and industry leaders to share the latest advances in renewable chemicals, synthetic biology, enzymes, food ingredients, biofuels and more.
As the synthetic and environmental biology is part of our  strategic development  areas, Genopole was present at this conference .

We have received the visit of SPRING team

SPRING Singapore is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore products and services. As the enterprise development agency, SPRING works with partners to help enterprises in financing, capability and management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets.
Spring Singapore
One of their focus sectors is in Biomedical Sciences, especially Medical Technology companies.
Their interest lies in supporting these companies to grow and preparing them for market access. Through the FTT program, Genopole has been identified to Singapore startups for their access to EU markets.
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