February, 2016
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Day of innovation

Funded Innovation

The Minister of Social Affairs, Health and Women's Rights, Marisol Touraine, inaugurated the first Journée nationale de l’innovation en santé on 23 January at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris where the lab Ceritd and two companies supported by Genopole, OsseoMatrix and Archimej Technology, presented an object of their creation.
Ceritd showcased a prototype of “Diabeloop”, the first artificial pancreas created in France to improve treatment for Type 1 diabetes, cited by Marisol Touraine as a “real revolution for patients suffering from diabetes”. Archimej Technology unveiled the first handheld blood analyzer Beta-Bioled and OsseoMatrix presented a tri-phasic ceramic bone graft scaffold. During the inauguration of the event, Marisol Touraine also announced the creation of a 340-million-euro investment fund, Fonds accélération biotech santé (Fabs), for biotech startups, which will help innovations such as these to be made widely available to patients.
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A very warm welcome to Novolyze that develops patented bacterial models to assess, optimize and validate industrial processes used to guarantee the absence of microbial contamination in food & agriculture products.

Novolyze won the Bpifrance Innovative Business Creation Competition in 2013, was both a Laureate of Réseau Entreprendre and the winner of the Concours Genopole in 2014 when it joined the “Protein2food” consortium within the H2020 program. Now, just a few months after it succeeded in raising 4M€, of which 900,000€ on the crowdfunding platform Anaxago, Novolyze has set up an office on the East coast of the United States. The adventure goes on!
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 Café du gène

Human or Monster?

On 21 January, about 200 people from various backgrounds, from high-school students to scientists, attended the Café du gène organized by Genopole and the Théâtre de l’Aquarium, entitled “Monstre ou homme augmenté?” (Monster or Enhanced Man?)
The event began with a play by Laurent Gutmann which stages a contemporary Frankenstein who conceives an enhanced man whose mind and intelligence are not hampered in any way but whose face is disproportionate and his mouth set in a constant smile which prevents him from communicating with others.

Following the play, the stage was handed over to Christelle Monville, professor and researcher at the Stem Cell Institute I-Stem, Michel Morange, professor and Director of the Centre Cavaillès dedicated to the history and philosophical study of sciences, and Pierre Tambourin, Director General of Genopole and molecular geneticist. The aim of the debate was to consider scientific accountability and ethics in a society where technologies are moving fast. Along with these topics, the public also asked unexpected human and philosophical questions which fed the discussion.
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A New Adventure

The first tenant of our brand new B7 building officially moved in at the end of January. Specialized in serum-free culture media production and stem cell technology, ABCell-Bio decided to move their R&D center to Genopole citing, amongst other qualities, the modularity of the building.
As we mentioned in the first edition of our newsletter, the strength of the B7 offering lies in its pre-equipped and modular offices next to a cafeteria, meeting rooms, but also specialized equipment such as cold rooms, liquid nitrogen rooms… which can prove costly for a young company on its own, sometimes preventing it from thriving.
As Pierre Tambourin, Founder and Director General of Genopole, said at the inauguration, “Many companies do not have the financial resources to gain access to a business service center. This transition period is crucial for the survival of the companies.”
We look forward to many more tenants to follow.

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(H. Kharrat is second from the right)

Innovative Events

The new director of Genopole Entreprises, Dr. Hakim Kharrat, was invited by Medicen (the global competitiveness cluster) to speak at Incubday, an event gathering all the key players of innovation in the Paris Region with two round-tables. The first centered around the collaboration effort to be developed among the actors of innovation in the Paris Region, whereas the second discussed the place of the regional ecosystem within a European and international process.

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Genopole also took part in Techinnov, the “major B2B innovation event” on February 11. Genopole met several companies and venture capital firms interested in partnership and collaboration with the cluster.

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Creative Places

Genopole recently hosted Jonathan Burroughs of Creative Places, a Cambridge-UK commercial property advisory company currently leading a public/private initiative to explore how those involved in commercial Life Sciences R&D may want to see property offerings enhanced in London, in the context of the London/Oxford/Cambridge triangle activities in biotech-biopharma.

Creative Places
Sponsors of this study include UK university and NHS partners, the London Enterprise Panel, the Greater London Authority and MedCity.
Creative Places is exploring the supply side in London, including within hospitals and universities/research institutes, and is looking at provisions in other large capital cities to see how issues of expensive property, high wages and constrained opportunities for development may impact on the potential of the biotech-biopharma sector.
Within the Paris Region as a large capital city, Genopole is the largest biocluster with 100,000 sq. m of lab and office spaces occupied by over 2,250 staff across 81 companies and 20 public research laboratories. It is also a member of the Life Sciences Pôle de Compétitivité of the greater Paris Region.

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